Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 20 of Insanity (Third Week Complete)

Well I finished my third week of Insanity. Today wasn't too bad as far as doing the moves. I think what I dread the most is the warm up. I have a tendency of burning myself out during that, so when it comes to doing the actual work out I am worn out especially when it comes to the third set of them. Anyways, so today I took it a bit easy during the warm ups. I was able to push as much as I could to get the moves done along with Shaun T. Granted I don't go as fast as them (depending on the move), but I at least get it done. LOL

I decided this morning that since I hadn't really measured around my stomach in a while that I would do that. The stomach is the ONLY area that I really want changed. My arms were already toned before starting this work out and my legs come and go depending on if I am working on them at them, and if I am running a lot. Anyways, after the first week of Insanity I have lost half a inch. Today when I measured I noticed I have lost 1.5 inches. I am not expecting my stomach to tone up over night. I know that as long as I keep pushing it that I will eventually get the abs that I want. I am just happy that I can see results. :)

Tomorrow is a much needed day off. I can not wait!

Sunday starts week 4 with Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. Fun Stuff!

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