Sunday, February 23, 2014

Half Marathon Training: Week 8

Sunday- 8 mile run on the Big Creek Greenway out in Cumming, GA. Decided to run somewhere different so I don't get sick of the same ole stuff.

Monday - Did a little weight lifting at the house. Nothing too crazy. My body was still tired from running 8 miles the day before.

Tuesday - Ran 5.2 miles on the greenway that I normally run on with the Suwanee Big Peach group. Half through the run I was wish I had worn a tank top. It got hot quick.

Wednesday - Waited until the evening to get my work out in, but it doesn't matter when I do it as long as I get it done, right? T25 Upper Focus. It was just what I needed. I can also tell I am going to need to up the weight next time I do it. :)

Thursday -I guess its that time in my training that I start to lose all motivation to get out and run. I am 4 weeks away from the GA Publix Half and now I am not wanting to run. I have 3 more long weekend runs, so if I have to miss one..I am not going to beat myself up over it. Anyways, instead of 4.5 miles, I only ran 2 slow miles.

Friday - Helped a friend move after work so I guess you can say I got my work out in helping move boxes and furniture.

Saturday - Nothing. Decided I would push my run to Sunday.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Half Marathon Training: Week 7

Week 7 was a good week even if I wasn't able to get my Thursday run in due to the weather. Hopefully no more snow for the rest of my training!! :)

Sunday-Rest day after 10K the previous day.

Monday - Since the weatherman said we would be having some snow/ice, I decided it would be best for me to get my 4.5 mile run in. I decided I would just run the miles in my neighborhood. I had a pretty run. My legs felt great.

Tuesday - I did a 20 minute weight lifting session at the house.

Wednesday - Day 2 of being snowed in. I turned on T25 and did a little of the Beta Speed 2.0. It was nice to do something that a bit more challenging.

Thursday - Day 3 of being snowed in. I am really getting cabin fever. Since I am not able to run due to the roads having snow and ice on them, I decided to do another weight lift session, but this time I did the T25 Upper Focus.

Friday - Rest day. A little sore from the upper body lifting I did the on Thursday.

Saturday - After being on my feet at work, I decided I would just run on Sunday.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Georgia Peach Jam Half

I have been going back and forth about this race for a few weeks now. I wasn't sure if I was wanting to do another half not even a month after running the GA Publix Half.

Early this week I found out that the race was 80% full. So after going back and forth with myself (again), I decided I would sign up. This course is suppose to be flat so that is a big plus since most of GA is hilly. 

This will be my third half. Crazy! I don't plan on running anymore half marathons after this one until at September or October. :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

ATC 2014 Resolution Run 5K Recap

I decided I was going to start 2014 off right by signing up for the Atlanta Track Club's Resolution Run 5K in Kennesaw, GA. It was even better because some of my running friends were doing it as well. :)

New Years Day started at 7:30 AM for me. I got up and through on my winter running gear. I was REALLY excited about running a race in my new shoes (don't worry it wasn't my first time running in them).

As soon as I got to the place the race site, I ran over to get my shirt and bib. I even got an extra shirt for entering a special code at the time of registration.

Shirt I got for entering a code at the time of registration.

After running back to my car to drop my shirts off, I met up with Jen, Katie, Brandi, and her Mom, Karen.

Katie, Brandi, and Karen were doing the 10K while Jen and I were doing the 5K. We all hung out around chatting before it was time for the 5Kers to start.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this race. I knew I wasn't going to try to PR on this course. I was aiming at finishing and having a good time.

The course was fine. Some hills, but nothing I couldn't handle. I have definitely had worse. I was happy to see the turn around and shortly after the final turn to the finish line. (I was so very happy I chose to do the 5K)

I knew I was making good time and my pace was a lot faster than I was expecting it to be. But I knew I wasn't going to PR and again I was cool with it because I wasn't trying to do that.

I crossed the finish line with an official time of 26:14.

Not a bad time to start the new year with. I can only hope to do better than that in my upcoming 5Ks.

Once Jen finished we hung around the finish line to wait on Katie, Brandi, and Karen to finish the 10K.

While we were waiting, my Mom calls me up to tell me I had placed 2nd in my age group. I didn't believe her seeing how I never place in a track club event because of the competitive team that usually runs. Jen said  I had a funny look on my face when I was finding out the news.

Here's a picture of my little medal. :)

Once Katie, Brandi, and Karen finished we congratulated each other on a job well done and then took a group photo. 

Since Jill had to work at the time of the race, we planned to meet up afterwards for some brunch. After we took some photos we all headed to J Christopher's for some food.

Finisher's shirt.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Half Marathon Training: Week 6

Wow! I have six weeks left before my next half. Crazy crazy!!!

Sunday- I was suppose to run a 6 mile run but I ended up running 7. So glad I didn't stop running when I hit 6 miles. It would have been a long, slow walk back to the car. It felt great to get out there in this warm, sunny weather.Won't last long though since its going to be raining the rest of the week. Ugh!

Monday - Despite being a little sore from my run on Sunday, I got up and did T25 Cardio. It was a struggle to finish, but I did it.

Tuesday - I was suppose to go for a 4 mile run but only ended up doing 2 miles. The cold and wind wasn't helping. I did manage to run a fast 2 miles.

Wednesday - Core day! I got up and do some Ab intervals. Love feeling that burn.

Thursday - Today I decided I go to the park I trained a lot at in the fall for my first half. As much as I hate them, I knew I needed to get some sort of hill run in so off to the park I went. One loop round is 2.2 miles so I did one loop then turned around and went back the way I came. Gotta hit the hills two different ways.

Tomorrow I will do some T25 and then take it easy. I have a 10K on Saturday. Sort of hoping to PR on this course if all goes as planned.

Friday - I did some light weight lifting. Took it easy so I wouldn't be sore or tired for the race on Saturday.

Saturday - Got a PR on the Chattahoochee Challenge course! New time 51:31. Left leg was really tight during the race. It never wanted to loosen up. Right leg felt great though. Weird. I was so happy to foam roll when I got home.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Half Marathon Training: Week 5

Hard to believe I am almost half way through my training. :)

Sunday - Rest Day

Monday- Today I decided I would switch up my T25. I haven't been doing the double days on Friday. :( So since I was going to have to do Ab Intervals and Total Body Circuit on Friday, I decided I would do my Ab Intervals today and do the other on Friday.

Tuesday - Slow 4 mile run today in the neighborhood. I was kind of hoping for some snowflakes so I can say I have ran in the "snow".

I was suppose to do T25 today but decided I just needed a day off from it. I will get back into it tomorrow.

Wednesday - Snowed in...yay! Just because I can't go to work doesn't mean I can't work out. So I got up and got my work out in. I did my work out that I was suppose to do yesterday... Alpha Speed 1.0. Completely nailed the work out. :) I also walked a mile in the neighborhood. 

Thursday - Supposed to run 4 miles, but cut the run in half and only did 2 miles. Kind of nice to get out even if it was 18 degrees. I normally don't like running when its that cold, but I really couldn't tell it was that cold with the sun shining down on me.

Friday - No T25. I did something to my ankle on Wednesday and its still sore. Doesn't hurt just sore. Decided to take a rest day. Hoping to get a run in tomorrow after work.

Side note: 39 miles for January. Not too bad. I will have even more next month.

Saturday - I was going to run 6 miles after work, but I was exhausted from the last of sleep the night before that I decided to rest after work and run on Sunday.