Sunday, February 9, 2014

Half Marathon Training: Week 6

Wow! I have six weeks left before my next half. Crazy crazy!!!

Sunday- I was suppose to run a 6 mile run but I ended up running 7. So glad I didn't stop running when I hit 6 miles. It would have been a long, slow walk back to the car. It felt great to get out there in this warm, sunny weather.Won't last long though since its going to be raining the rest of the week. Ugh!

Monday - Despite being a little sore from my run on Sunday, I got up and did T25 Cardio. It was a struggle to finish, but I did it.

Tuesday - I was suppose to go for a 4 mile run but only ended up doing 2 miles. The cold and wind wasn't helping. I did manage to run a fast 2 miles.

Wednesday - Core day! I got up and do some Ab intervals. Love feeling that burn.

Thursday - Today I decided I go to the park I trained a lot at in the fall for my first half. As much as I hate them, I knew I needed to get some sort of hill run in so off to the park I went. One loop round is 2.2 miles so I did one loop then turned around and went back the way I came. Gotta hit the hills two different ways.

Tomorrow I will do some T25 and then take it easy. I have a 10K on Saturday. Sort of hoping to PR on this course if all goes as planned.

Friday - I did some light weight lifting. Took it easy so I wouldn't be sore or tired for the race on Saturday.

Saturday - Got a PR on the Chattahoochee Challenge course! New time 51:31. Left leg was really tight during the race. It never wanted to loosen up. Right leg felt great though. Weird. I was so happy to foam roll when I got home.