Monday, October 31, 2016

Marathon Training: Week 3

This week was a challenge at the end, but I survived.

Monday: Great work out at the gym. Focused on abs, biceps, and triceps.

Tuesday: Woke up to a cool morning. Got 5 miles in at the local park. My favorite place to run especially during this time of year.

Wednesday: Great leg day at the gym. Going to be switching it up some next week.

Thursday: Ran with my friend Angela and her two daughters. We did 4 miles around at the park. 

Friday: Chest and back day. I also decided to go for a quick 1 mile run after. I wanted to see if I could push it for my upcoming race on Sunday.

Saturday: Rest day. 

Sunday: Race day (5K) plus 9 miles on the greenway afterwards. It was tough towards the end. I wanted to stop. I went out fast at the race so my legs were exhausted during the rest of my training run.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Marathon Training: Week 2

Pretty easy week. Nothing too out of the normal. As I said in the previous blog entry, the miles I am currently running are normal to me. Next week may be a different story.

Monday: Because of work, I wasn't able to get my work out in this day. Busy busy day makes for one tired me at the end of it.

Tuesday: My schedule calls for 4 to 5 miles, I was feeling great out there, so I ran 5 miles. Legs felt great despite being on my feet a lot the day before.

Wednesday: Leg and shoulder day. I did a little more than I normally do but also left some stuff out. I walked out of there with jello legs.

Thursday: I didn't run or go to the gym. I did some ab stuff at home and lifted some stuff here. Nothing too crazy like I normally do at the gym.

Friday: I normally don't like running back to back days if I can avoid it. I took it easy and only did 4 miles at the park.

Saturday: Ran 8 miles with friends. It was a bit cooler than it has been. Had a great run. Legs felt amazing out here.

Sunday: Rest and get ready for the week.

Week 3 is going to be interested. I have a 12-mile run scheduled for Sunday. The Same day I am also doing a 5K. So I will race and then go to the greenway to finish up the rest of my 8.9 miles.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Marathon Training: Week 1

Marathon training has officially kicked off. This week was like any other run that I have been doing all summer.

Monday - weights in the gym. As a personal trainer, I know the importance of cross training, so I am making sure I stay on top of that. It shouldn't be a problem since the gym is my second home. Today, I did my normal routine. Biceps, triceps, and abs.

Tuesday - Nice chilly 4 mile run at the local park. Felt great to finally have a break from the heat.

Wednesday - Leg, shoulder, and ab day. Probably one of my favorite gym days. I know I am a bit weird.

Thursday - I was supposed to have a speed drill day, but it never happened. No worries.

Friday - Chest, back, and abs day at the gym. Great work out. I love pushing myself. After the gym, I went to the park and did a 2-mile run. I wanted to keep going but just couldn't.

Saturday - No run. Took it easy.

Sunday - Got up and run 10 miles with a friend. My normal running group was in Michigan running a half marathon up there. I had a great run. Got a little warm towards the end of it, but over all good run.

That's the end of my first week. As I mentioned above, this week was like any other week for me. I don't think training will hit me until I hit the higher miles in a few weeks.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Marathon Training

Marathon training has officially started (well, it will be next week). Crazy to think it's already that time. So over the next 12 weeks, I am going to be blogging about my training. How I am doing, feeling, etc. Hopefully, this will help someone else who is looking to jump into marathon training or any distance.

Many people have asked am I nervous? Kind of sort of. I think the only long runs I dread are 16 and 21 miles. With 16 miles, I've heard it changes you. And the 21 miler....well, let's face it who goes off and runs 21 miles for fun. I know I don't. But luckily, I will be running with a friend who is doing the race with me. I know she and I will get through it one way or another. Plus, having someone who has done this before helps a lot.

Be sure to check out my blog over the next 12 weeks. I will be posting about my training.