Thursday, January 24, 2013

Busy busy

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy with my little cross training. I really think its starting to help.  I decided last Friday to go for a 5k run since it had been awhile. I was surprised that I did it under 30 minutes (barely). Pretty good for someone who just started back up again. I've also noticed that I am doing a lot better at not stopping. I really wish I knew why I started that habit last year.

This week I have gotten faster on my times which is good. I haven't been able to run outside because of the cold and wind. Those two things do not mix well with me. I've done it but definitely try to avoid it as much as I can. But I did notice I was 3 minutes faster on my Wednsaday run then I was last week. Not too bad! :)

The treadmill and I are slowly becoming friends. I can't use the excuse its too cold to run if I have a gym membership. Lol. I still kick up the speed to make me keep moving

Let's see what else...

Oh, I signed up for 2 of the 4 races that are this Spring. I can't wait to get back out there. I have a major adrenaline rush when I participate in races. Hopefully I'll be able to place at least in the top 10 in one of those.

Tomorrow is my last day of working out for the week. If I not tomorrow I'll probably start upping my mileage and see how I do. Got to start somewhere.

I posted this on my twitter but I am going to post it here as well.  I found my running song for 2013. :) I just hope the radio doesn't over play it..

Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Races

Here is a list of the races I will be participating in this year.

Please note that I could add on to this but this is what I have so far.

February 9th - Hearts and Soles 5k

March 17th - Luckie 5k at Centennial Park

March 23rd - Atlanta Women's 5k at Candler Park

April 27th - Finish on the 50 5k in Auburn, AL

July 4th - AJC Peachtree Road Race 10k

August - Atlanta's Finest 5k (Date will be announced later on) at Centennial Park

Oct - Right to Hikes Ella's Run 5k (Date to be announced later on)

Oct 19th - Run Like Hell 5k at Oakland Cemetery

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cross training

So I decided that I couldn't give up running so I came up with a solution. Why not do both insanity and running?

I started this crazy week Sunday. Since it was nice out I went for a run. It sucked but it was the first time I've ran outside since last October. On Monday I started insanity. That was interesting but I knew I was going to struggle since I haven't done that since last year.

I had to take Tuesday and today off (Thursday). I was so sore Tuesday. It was awful. My poor body definitely not use to it. LOL. Wednesday I went to the gym to run since it hasn't stopped raining here. I did surprisingly good. My pace wasn't the greatest but I was able to run without stopping. I went through a spell last year where I was not able to keep going for whatever reason. I am trying to break that habit. So until I get over that my pace may be a little messed up.

I have one more day of the week to work out. I'll probably go to the gym tomorrow and run another 3 miles and also do insanity abs. Next week I hope I can keep up with insanity and running. This week was just a trial week so to speak.

My run Wedneaday:

Distance : 3 miles

Time: 29:37

Pace: 9'50"

Friday, January 11, 2013

Today was better

I was suppose to run outside this morning but since it was raining I decided that maybe I would just run tomorrow. Ha! Who am I kidding? I get so guilty when I know I am suppose to run but don't. So I spent a good part of the day being lazy. Hey, I sort of had an excuse (lol). I was off work today and it was raining. At around 6 PM, I decided I was going to go run at the gym. I told myself on the way over there just do 2 miles. Well, 2 miles is just what I did except this time I actually felt great even with the speed up to 7.2 or 7.5 at times. I wasn't having to stop and take water breaks. I am slowly getting back into the groove. WooHoo!

Here are my stats from my NikePlus App:

Miles 2.01

Time: 18:06

Pace: 8'59"

I am happy to see my pace in the 8 min range even if it was almost 9.

I may try and get out there on Sunday to get another 2 maybe 3 miles in. We shall see. The weekends are hard for me since I just want to be lazy.

I have also decided I may end up doing the Hearts and Soles 5k on Feb 9th, 2013. I get in free since I am a Atlanta Track Club member. BUT I may go ahead and start back on Insanity and do that race without training like I did the Ella's Run 5k back in October. It's just a thought though. If I do this one without training the other two races I have planned out will involve training and Insanity. I know I am crazy, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 2 of running

After taking a few days off from running (mainly because my legs were really sore) I decided I would go back to the gym and run on the dreaded treadmill once more. I only did 2.5 miles today. I wanted to do more than that but I get so bored running on that machine that 2.5 miles was enough for me. I am really kicking myself right now. :( I wish I had checked the weather when I woke up because right now it's in the 60s! Yeah, the 60s in January. I missed out on the this back in November and some of December. Hopefully this weekend I can squeeze 2 or 3 miles in since it'll be in the 70s. Such crazy weather but I'll take it since I really am not fond of the cold weather.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Run of 2013

Well, it wasn't a pretty one, but its to be expected seeing how I haven't been able to run in 2 months and I was also running on a dreadmill (aka treadmill). I always feel like they are calibrated wrong. I was having to knock the speed up to around 7.5 sometime close to 8 to get closer to my normal 8 min pace. I know good and well that I do not seem to be zipping along the trails or sidewalks when I am off doing a run. Oh well, its to be expected. I chose not to go run in the cold/dark (I have reflective stuff) so I just have to settle with my time and pace. I am just really happy I got out there and did it.

My mileage was 3.02

Time: 28:11 (I am normally a tad faster, lol)

Pace: 9'19" per mile

I am hoping to do a lot better the next time I am running, which I hope is soon.

3 miles down for 2013 only a lot more to go.