Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cross training

So I decided that I couldn't give up running so I came up with a solution. Why not do both insanity and running?

I started this crazy week Sunday. Since it was nice out I went for a run. It sucked but it was the first time I've ran outside since last October. On Monday I started insanity. That was interesting but I knew I was going to struggle since I haven't done that since last year.

I had to take Tuesday and today off (Thursday). I was so sore Tuesday. It was awful. My poor body definitely not use to it. LOL. Wednesday I went to the gym to run since it hasn't stopped raining here. I did surprisingly good. My pace wasn't the greatest but I was able to run without stopping. I went through a spell last year where I was not able to keep going for whatever reason. I am trying to break that habit. So until I get over that my pace may be a little messed up.

I have one more day of the week to work out. I'll probably go to the gym tomorrow and run another 3 miles and also do insanity abs. Next week I hope I can keep up with insanity and running. This week was just a trial week so to speak.

My run Wedneaday:

Distance : 3 miles

Time: 29:37

Pace: 9'50"

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