Sunday, February 2, 2014

Half Marathon Training: Week 5

Hard to believe I am almost half way through my training. :)

Sunday - Rest Day

Monday- Today I decided I would switch up my T25. I haven't been doing the double days on Friday. :( So since I was going to have to do Ab Intervals and Total Body Circuit on Friday, I decided I would do my Ab Intervals today and do the other on Friday.

Tuesday - Slow 4 mile run today in the neighborhood. I was kind of hoping for some snowflakes so I can say I have ran in the "snow".

I was suppose to do T25 today but decided I just needed a day off from it. I will get back into it tomorrow.

Wednesday - Snowed in...yay! Just because I can't go to work doesn't mean I can't work out. So I got up and got my work out in. I did my work out that I was suppose to do yesterday... Alpha Speed 1.0. Completely nailed the work out. :) I also walked a mile in the neighborhood. 

Thursday - Supposed to run 4 miles, but cut the run in half and only did 2 miles. Kind of nice to get out even if it was 18 degrees. I normally don't like running when its that cold, but I really couldn't tell it was that cold with the sun shining down on me.

Friday - No T25. I did something to my ankle on Wednesday and its still sore. Doesn't hurt just sore. Decided to take a rest day. Hoping to get a run in tomorrow after work.

Side note: 39 miles for January. Not too bad. I will have even more next month.

Saturday - I was going to run 6 miles after work, but I was exhausted from the last of sleep the night before that I decided to rest after work and run on Sunday.

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