Monday, August 26, 2013

Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 6

Wow, I have made it to the halfway mark. It's hard to believe I have done 6 weeks already. I am going to be running my first half marathon before I know it.


Today I started week 2 of T25 Cardio. I have to say I pushed myself harder today then I did last week. I am so happy to know I didn't have to go to the modifier as much. :)


Woke up not really in the mood to run, but since I had a double work out today I had to get up and get it over with. So I decided I would switch it up a bit and go to the gym and run on the TM. I felt great running. I ended up finishing my 4 mile run in 34 min and 58 seconds.

After my run I came home to do my Total Body Circuit work out. I have to say even though my whole body was tired I pushed through it. I can't say I completely nailed it but I can't say I barely made it. I am sort of in the middle.


Woke up to rain...blah. I could have ran at the gym but since I only needed to 2 miles I decided I would just do my cross training instead. Today's work out was Speed 1.0. I have to say I nailed it. :)


I woke up not feeling too hot, but knew I really needed to try and get my run in. Since it was already warm out I decided I would just go back to the gym and run my 4 miles on the treadmill. I felt sluggish on my run. I am starting to think getting to bed late and waking up early is catching up with me. :-\ Time to change up the sleeping schedule.

After my run I came home to immediately get started on my T25 Cardio. I got 15 min into the work out and really seriously thought about turning it off. I kept on going though. Sometimes you just have to tell the little voice in your head to shut up. :)

Later in the evening I went to the Big Peach Suwanee group run. I had originally planned to only do 3 miles but once I was on the course I decided to push it to 4 miles. It was a great slow run through puddles. :)


I was suppose to do my 2 T25 work outs, but I only got one in. :( I did Ab Intervals. I didn't feel as awkward doing it this week. I guess I am slowly getting the moves down. I really hated not doing the other but seeing how I really worked out the day before I felt like my legs needed a break.


Rest day! :)


I wish I could say I ran but I didn't. Ended up moving furniture around that took up a good bit of the day. By the time I wanted to go run I ended up taking a nap because of my head hurting. I'll try to make it up sometime this next week.

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