Sunday, August 4, 2013

Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 3

Crazy how I am already on week 3 of my half marathon training. :) With the way time is flying by, I will be at 12 weeks in no time.

As I mentioned in my previous recap post, I was on vacation for half of this week which meant I had to switch up my running just a tad bit. But it also meant no cross training for me. :(



Since I had to work all day on Monday, I wasn't able to get to the gym to do a full work out I decided that my ab work out was the only thing I was going to get done. I still feel bad, but I did something even if it wasn't what I had wanted to do.


Since I had a 3.5 mile run scheduled, I decided I would take advantage of the cooler morning and get out there before work. Loved it! At around 2.7, I stopped by my house to grab the dog so she could finish out the last leg of my run. She really hasn't ran in over a year. She did great even though if she slowed me down some. I am hoping to get her out there more often for my smaller runs since she enjoys it.

After my run I came in to do my ab work out. This was suppose to be my rest day for that, but since I was going to be traveling on Wednesday I decided to get it over it.


I got a 2 mile run before packing up the car and heading to the beach! :)


I woke up at 6 AM central  to go for a run on the beach. My plan was to run 3.5 miles, but when I turned around I noticed I was getting a blister on my right foot. I ran back to the condo but decided that I was done. I did a little over 2 miles.


Off day aka spend all my time on the beach!!! :)


I had originally planned to let this day be my long run day but I decided that I would skip running. I instead went for a walk on the beach. Very relaxing.


Did nothing since it was travel day.


Week 3 is over with! I didn't do great but I will get back into it this week. I am also looking to get back into Insanity along with running. Or maybe T25. Either way I am going to be tired and sore.

Here is to a new week of training. Oh, and I have a race on Saturday. 4 mile night run. I am so excited about it!

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  1. Glad you had a great trip to the beach. Good luck with your race this Saturday!