Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Light Up the Corner's Recap

This event was suppose to take place May 4th, 2013 but due to really bad rain that day they had to postpone it until August 10th.

I have been excited about running in this event since I signed up for it back in July. Maybe it was because it was at night? Or maybe it was because I knew this route really well? Or maybe it was both. :)

The event took place at The Forum in Peachtree Corner's. The proceeds from the event go to benefit the less unfortunate children and families in the Peachtree Corner's community.

Two events took place the 1K Twilight Run and the 4 Mile Run. I participated in the 4 mile run. And since it was a night event, they had the race route lite up with blinking lights. They also handed out glow sticks for us to wear or hold while running on the course. For the crafty ones, they had a contest at the end for the "glowiest" person and team.

I got to the Forum at around 6:30 just to make sure I was able to park somewhat close to the start/finish. I immediately went to get my shirt and number.Good I went right away because when Brandi got there they didn't have anymore small or medium shirts. Most races I have done pre-registered participates get their shirts before race day registration participates.

Not too long after I got there Brandi arrived so I went to meet up with her before heading on over to the start. Brandi decided she was going to do a costume for this race and was determined she was going to win this contest..

Any guesses on what she is suppose to be??? Oh, and check out those socks!!

Brandi was a very popular person once she got into her costume. She had so many people coming up asking for a picture with her. 

Jen and her brother arrived sometime after 8 to see us off. :) Thanks again Jen for coming.

Race got started at 9. It was a little crowded at first, but once we were on the main road I was able to move around people and get into a comfortable pace. I remembered after I was on the main road that I have the RoadID app so I quickly sent Mike a text with a link so he could see where I was and when to expect me to come running to the finish. 

It started to rain on us for a little bit. Thankfully it didn't last long. It was just enough to cool you off.

Before I knew it was I was back at the Forum. I made the final turn and started to pick up some speed. Since I normally sprint at the end I waited until I was down the hill before giving it all I had.

My official time 35:02. :)

I made my way around the crowd to where Jen and Mike were standing. Brandi told us when to expect her since she was planning on walking the entire thing due to her costume.

Brandi crossed a little after an hour. We met up with her and made our way to the glowiest contest because after all we wanted to see Brandi win.

And of course...Brandi won!  :) Congrats girl!

We stayed around to listen for the winners of each age group. I had already decided that I didn't place, but I was wrong. I placed second in my age group!!!

I got a coffee mug, a small trophy, and 2 coupons. Not what I was expecting but hey, I will take it.

Oh and of course we had to get a picture of the winners...

If they do this run again next year (and I am sure they will), I will for sure sign up for it. I had an absolute blast running it.


  1. This sounds like a fun race!

    Absolutely LOVE the jellyfish costume. So creative!

  2. Sounded like such a fun event! I loved watching through Twitter and was bummed I couldn't be there with you all too. I still think Brandi should have prancersized through the race with the jelly tentacles flowing in full glory...but I digress. ;)