Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Peachtree Road Race Eve

It is the day before the Peachtree Road Race. For the first time in the 9 yrs I have been running it, I will have to run in the rain instead of the heat/humidity. If I had to choose which one to run in, I would choose the heat. I am really not looking forward to running in the rain. Not just any rain...its going to be pouring tomorrow. Not fun. Unfortunately, I am not going to be running in my normal shoes. I am going to be switching back to an older pair (even though I really don't want those ruined either) to run in. I am going to apply duct tape around the ventilation to try and keep as much of the water out of my shoe.

As far as what I am wearing, I think I am going to stick to the original idea. Tank top and shorts. But since they are encouraging us to wear Boston colors, I pulled out my yellow Under Armour shirt just in case I decide that the tank top isn't going to work. I am going to get soaked no matter what I decide to wear.

I'm going to try and make the best out of this run. If I don't finish under an hour, I'll be a little upset but I will manage. I am not going to try and run crazy fast. Slipping and sliding on wet pavement is not fun.

9th shirt here I come!!!!!

I plan on working on my Peachtree Road Race recap this weekend sometime.  So be on the look out for it. :) I will also post before and after on Twitter with pictures (assuming it isn't pouring when I want to take pictures). If you aren't following me yet, what are you waiting for? AUTgrGrl for Twitter.

Have you ever ran in pour conditions? This is my first. I would have ran in really rain back in March, but the race was called due to lightning in the area.

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  1. Oooh. That's rough.

    I hope that the weather holds out for you, but in the event it does rain, it sounds like you have a great plan in place to stay as dry as possible.

    I really try to avoid running in bad weather. Danger of melting, and all :) And though I may stick my head in the sand and try to deny it, I'm sure I'll face a rainy day race, and will just have to get out there and do it, miserable as it is.

    Take your time and have a great 9th outing!