Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luckie 5k 2013 Recap

This is was my first St Patty's Day run so I decided that I really needed to get a green short sleeve shirt for the run that was all green instead of wearing a shirt with only a little bit of green in it. So at the GA Marathon Expo I immediately went to the Big Peach Running Co booth to pick up a Run ATL green shirt. Perfect fit for the St Patty's Day race and also tackling hills in Atlanta. No picture of it, but it says "Heat. Hills. Humidity. Welcome to Atlanta".

We started our 5k right at 8 AM. If anyone who was suppose to run the half marathon didn't get to the starting line before their time was up they were stuck with us. Oh well, too bad. It was a little packed until .5 miles into the race. It definitely isn't like the AJC Peachtree Road Race where you are literally not running at all for the first mile or even two.

I was doing great for the first mile. I was maintaining a 8'15" for a bit until the hills. I slowed up more than I wanted to but never dropped down to the 9 min pace. I kept on pushing through the hills even though my mind was trying to make me stop. I loved being able to run past the stuff I normally only see if I am in the car trying to get home from a Braves game.

Funny thing happened today while running the 5k a guy from CBS was running up beside me with a camera. He asked me how I was doing WHILE we were climbing a hill. LOL. Should have asked me after the hill not while we were on it. I said "Fine" since I really wasn't having any problems. I looked for the video of it, but I guess they didn't air everything.

Next thing I know after the hills we were pretty much in our home stretch. The race was over and done with before I couldn't believe it. Even though it was hilly it was also flat. I loved it. I was really dreading it this week after seeing that they had changed the course up. Note to self: Never look at the course and expect it to be the one you are running because in the end it may be an entirely different course. Oops!

Would I do this again? Heck yeah! But only if I am not doing the half. ;)

Here are some pictures from today.

Me before the start of the races

Here I come.Green shirt on the right.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot the most important thing ever..... my official time! 27:01. FASTER than my last 5k. I am happy that I have completed 15 5Ks. Probably doesn't seem like a lot, but it is for me. I am proud of how far I've come.

Here's to many more races 5Ks. 10Ks, or even a half!!

UPDATE: After waiting for the results to get posted, I found out I placed first in my age group and finished top 25 for the women who did that run. :)

Link to course map for the Luckie 5k

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