Wednesday, March 13, 2013

15 5Ks??? What?!?!?

Well, it's sort of race week. Technically it will be the beginning of a new week, but it doesn't matter. Sunday will mark my 15th 5k. Say what? 15? Oh my, I can still remember my first 5k. LOL. I did 10ks before I even did a 5k. Crazy stuff and to think I have done WAY more 5ks then 10k. That's my fault though. Usually after the Peachtree I am not wanting to train again for another 10k. But since I am talking about doing a half in October I am going to have to train even more after that race.

I am excited yet nervous about this race on Sunday. I saw they changed up the course. I had originally seen a course map that was basically the same route I ran for the Atlanta's Finest 5k except it was backwards, but I guess that was last years course. Oops! Oh well, I am sure I will do fine. I am expecting to finish between 25-30 minutes. It really just depends on how I am feeling, etc.

After Sunday I don't have time to rest I have to get ready for my 16th 5k which happens to be the Atlanta Women's 5k on March 23rd. I am really excited about that run. Its great to run a race with other ladies. :) After all it is for our health.

Tonight I participated in a running chat on Twitter. One of the questions was, "What do you look for in a race?". My answer to that is organization and for it to be fun. I have done some races where it was just wasn't organized which then sometimes leads to a not so fun run. BUT if its organized AND fun you bet I will be back next year to do that race again. That brings me back to my previous paragraph. This will be my 3rd time running the Atlanta Women's 5k. The Atlanta Track Club knows how to put on a organized, yet fun race. :)

I am hoping the Cutie's Luckie 5k will be a fun one. This will be my first time running in this one. If it's a blast, I may consider doing it again next year only if I am not doing the half then I guess I couldn't do it. Kind of hard to be two places at once, right? LOL

That's all for now. If I don't update this before Sunday, you bet'cha I'll be updating sometime on Sunday or Monday letting you know how I did, etc. I may even post some pictures. ;)

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