Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 Miles plus possible AllState 13.1

Normally I like to stick to my smaller runs on the treadmill, but since it was a tad chilly this morning I decided I would go to the gym and get a few miles in. I didn't think I was going to last 5 miles on the treadmill because I get soooo bored, but once I got to 4 miles I decided I wasn't going to stop. I am happy I didn't. I wish I could have gone on another mile, but my legs were getting tired. I haven't ran more than 4 miles since last year.

This was my last run of the week. Tomorrow I am going Insanity's Pure Cardio to finish out my cross training week. Hoping to kick some butt in that tomorrow. :)

Sunday will mark one week until my next 5k. I am really excited even though I wish I was doing the half marathon instead. Maybe next year I will decide to tackle that tough course.

Speaking of halfs, I may be doing the AllState 13.1 in October. I am not too totally sure yet. I am hoping to make my decision by May if I am going to participate in it or not. If I do, it'll be my first. :)

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