Monday, November 7, 2016

Marathon Training: Week 4

After running 12 on Sunday, this week was pretty easy going. I made sure to take time off when I needed.

Monday: Rest day. I wanted to go to the gym to cross-train but I was exhausted still from my long run on Sunday.

Tuesday: Easy 4 mile run with my friend, Angela. Legs felt great compared to the day before.

Wednesday: Leg and shoulder day. Wasn't able to get everything I wanted to do. Maybe next week.

Thursday: After staying up way too late watching the World Series the night before, I felt like I was dragging today on my 4 mile run. Got it done though.

Friday: Chest and back day at the gym. Felt great.

Saturday: 8 mile run with Kim in Suwanee. We decided to make up our own little route. It was a nice change.

Sunday: Rest day. Much needed with the time change.

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