Monday, September 30, 2013

Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 11

I can't believe week 11 is over with. I am going into my final week. So crazy.


Dynamic Core.....I killed it. What a great way to start week 2 of T25 off.  :)


Decided to split my 5 miles up again so I would be able to run with the group later on in the evening. 

Had a somewhat fast 2 mile run in the AM. I believe the cooler weather had a major part in that.  As soon as I was finished my run, I got started on my Core Cardio work out from T25.  For whatever reason I was struggling with that. I did the best I could. 

The evening run took place in Town Park for the second anniversary of SBPRC (Suwanee Big Peach Running Co). They had about 7 vendors there who demos. I went to to the Mizuno tent and tried on the Sayonaras. I took those shoes on a 3 mile run. I have say I liked them but would have to see how they feel to me on a longer run. Hopefully they will be back for another demo sometime in the future.  The run went well. Cooler temps definitely help me.


I didn't allow myself to make up any excuses about getting up and getting my work out over with. T25 Rip't Circuit was a lot better than last week. I felt more comfortable using the resistance bands.


I am not really a fan on skipping work outs but since I sore from Wednesdays work out, I decided I would just run today and do nothing else.

My 2 mile run in the AM was another fast one. Faster than Tuesdays. I wasn't even trying to run fast it just happened. :\

I love joining the group run. Had another 3 mile run followed by some yummy pizza afterwards.


I had a hard time getting up to go for a run. I really wanted to sleep in but I knew the run wasn't going to get completed without me. I was able to run my 10 miles in one hour and thirty-five minutes. I believe I am ready for my half. I just hope the weather is gorgeous next Sunday as it was on my run. :)


Rest Day.


Rest Day,

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