Sunday, October 6, 2013

Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 12

My half marathon training has come to an end. Its crazy how these 12 weeks have flown by.


I was suppose to start my week of T25 Beta but decided I would just focus on my core only. Sit ups, leg lifts, and planks to start the week off.


Not going to lie it felt weird getting up and not going for a run. I did do my core work out and in the evening I went to my group run over at Big Peach in Suwanee. I did an easy 3 miles.


Since I wasn't feeling well after my run on Tuesday, I decided I would use this day to sleep in and hopefully get myself to feeling better. Luckily, I woke up feeling much better. Maybe getting more sleep is all I needed.


Group run was amazing. It was definitely a lot better than Tuesdays run. I was able to keep the pace I want for the half on Sunday. Can't believe its almost here. :)


Rest day!


Rest day!


Race Day!! I will have a recap of my first half marathon sometime later on in the week.

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