Friday, September 13, 2013

Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 9

Hard to believe week 9 is complete. Tomorrow beginning week 10. :)


Started week 5 of T25. Crazy how fast these 5 weeks have gone. Anyways, today was Total Body Circuit. I have to say I really gave it my all today and nailed it. :)


I had a hard time getting into my run today. Probably for the fact I was on the treadmill and the shows that were on TV were not interesting. I got my 5 miles done though. I am hoping to get up sooner on Thursday to get my run done outside instead of running indoors.

T25 Ab Intervals was challenging today but I got it done. :)


I wasn't really wanting to do anything today, so instead of being lazy I went to the gym for some core work. I rewarded myself with the hot tub afterwards. I needed that.


Decided I would do my 10K run today instead of this weekend since I may not have time for it. It was the worst 10K time for me. I just wasn't into my run.

After my run I came home and took it easy for a few before getting starting with T25 Cardio. Not going to lie I was pretty tired after my 6 mile run. I pushed through it though and finished.


Since I switched up my running days, I decided I would run my 5 mile that I was suppose to do on Thursday. First I had to get T25 Lower Focus done. I nailed it! :)

I did my 5 mile in the evening. My legs felt a little sluggish at first but quickly warmed up. 


Rest day.


Rest day.

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