Sunday, April 21, 2013

Run the River 10k Recap

Despite it being a chilly morning, I had a great time at the race. It was flat for the most part minus the one small hill that you did a turn around at.

I was doing fine up until the hill. I think if we didn't have the hill I would have kept on going and probably would have finished the race a lot faster than I did.

My official time was 54:49. Not as fast as my PRR, but still pretty good seeing how I haven't ran 6.2 miles outside in a long time. I am happy with it. :) I can't wait to do more and maybe I'll even do another race on that same course and see if I can beat that time.

The only complaint I have is having to wait until 8:30 to run. Normally the 10K people go before the 5K, but at this race we had to wait for them to finish.

Here are some pictures that I had taken yesterday...

Me before the race. Freezing! 

Walking to the start line

10Kers making our way down Riverside Dr

Coming up to the turn..

Using all I had to finish strong.

Making that turn...

Crossing the finish line... official time 54:49

Oh, and one last thing... I placed 9th out of 36 in my age group. Not too bad. That would be a first for me in a 10K race.

Next week is the Finish on the 50 in Auburn, AL. I am beyond excited for it. I also hope its a lot warmer than it was this weekend.


  1. Nice job on the race! Good luck this coming weekend!

  2. Minus the cold weather, I'll have to remember this race for next year! Glad you ran well even after all the treadmill training, I never know what will happen outdoors and if my treadmill training will "be enough". So far so good though.