Thursday, April 11, 2013

Training so far

I find it funny that I can break a record during a training run but not during a race. I am normally more hyped up for a race then I am for a training run. Maybe I am just weird who knows.

On Tuesday I went out and ran my 2 miles that I was suppose to. I was doing great. Even though I was burning up from the heat (can't complain too much a lot better than the cold), I was still maintaining a good pace. I was able to set a new PR for myself. I haven't ran a fast 1k or mile since 2011. :)

You can say I had a small runner's high the rest of the day. I was proud of myself. Now if I can just keep this up during a real race...

On Wednesday, I got the bright idea that I would do burpees, leg lifts, push ups, and squats. I did more than I had planned on doing. I had originally planned on doing 60 squats BUT I decided to double that. Let's just say I was feeling it that evening and even more when I woke up this morning. Oops!

I woke up this morning (Thursday) sore as heck. I was so sore that I thought about postponing my run until tomorrow. But like always my guilty conscious got the best of me so I took off to run my 3 miles.

Even though I felt like I was starting off really slow.. I actually wasn't. I completed my first mile at a 8:08 pace. I am still not sure how but I managed to start running in a 7 min pace. I have never kept a 7 min pace during a training run or even race for that matter.

I ended up finishing my run but decided to make it a 5k since I still had a little ways to go before I was home. I got to my driveway and looked at my phone. It was saying that I set a new 5k time and that I beat my mile time from Tuesday. How in the...?

I am still not sure where that energy came from, but I hope it comes back for some races and training runs. I am going to need it big time..

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  1. Those energy bursts seem to have helped you out! Congrats on the great paces you were able to maintain this week.