Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Got My Shirt

I picked up my Atlanta Women's 5k shirt on Friday. I was so happy to get it and finally say I "earned" it (on the treadmill thanks to the lovely weather). I guess I'll either have to set my new PR on a different race course or hold off until next year to hopefully break it. 

I also decided last week that I'll be participating in the "Run the River 10k" on April 20th. I really need to get out of this "I only run one 10k and that's the Peachtree" funk. PLUS it's part of my training for which ever half marathon I decide to do in October. As you can tell I am still undecided. 

Of course, I'll be running a 5k in Auburn on the 27th of April. I have to say of all races this one I am excited about. Last year I had so much fun running out on to the field. I joked about falling flat on my face just to say I touched the grass. Of course I didn't do it but it would have been pretty funny if I did. 

I think after this month I am going to take a break from races. I don't want to but because of my job it gets harder to make sure I am off on a Saturday for a run. Plus with Summer coming up I may have to go in and help anyways. No big deal. Just means I can save money for upcoming future races. :) Maybe I could find some virtual races to do. I wouldn't have to worry about making sure I have time off to do a race. If you know of any virtual races that will be taking place in May/June please let me know. Free or not. 

Well got to go! 



  1. Hey sista face just poppin in to say hello! So nice to meet you, you have a fantastic blog here. Cant wait to follow along.
    Have a fantastic week!

  2. Here's a virtual 5k/10k/half with a cool medal at the end of May--http://www.active.com/running/new-york-ny/memorial-day-virtual-run-2013.

  3. One other option for you in May-- http://rushingherd.blogspot.com/p/virtual-races.html. :)