Monday, December 12, 2016

Marathon Training: Week 9

Another long run weekend. 18 miles....I am so close to being done with training. It's so crazy!

Monday: Bicep/tricep day. I feel like I haven't done this in months but really it's only been a week.

Tuesday: I know we need rain but I am over it right now. I had to go to the gym again to run. I am not liking the treadmill right now. I sucked it up though and got my 4 miles.

Wednesday: Took it easy on leg day. I didn't want tired legs the rest of the week.

Thursday: 4 miles at the park. Cold and windy run. Felt slow because of it.

Friday: Chest and back day.

Saturday: 18 mile run. I felt amazing out there. I am definitely ready for this marathon in a few weeks. :)

Sunday: Rest day.

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