Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2 days off plus potential race in Jan

So like I mentioned in my previous entries, I decided I needed to take some days off. I have worked my butt in these last couple of weeks that I just needed a few days to recover and relax. I will admit I was still beat from this weekend yesterday so I guess its a good thing that I did take off.

Anyways, tomorrow I plan on doing some max cardio conditioning. I don't want to lose what I have already gained. Next week I will definitely get back on a normal work out routine, but since I had so much going on this week and needed that break I got to start somewhere.

I was looking at some up and coming race and I am really considering doing the Hot Chocolate 5k in January. I know it is going to be really cold out, but it wouldn't be the first race that I have done in the freezing cold. If I end up doing that race it will help prepare me for my next race which will be in February. I usually try and do one race each month until July 4th. I still have some time to decide if I want to do this race or not. I just thought it would be cool to reward myself with hot chocolate after a very cold race.


  1. I'm planning on doing the Hot Chocolate 5k in Atlanta as well :)

  2. I know a few interested in the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K. I was VERY interested until I signed up for the WDW Marathon. :)

    There is some Santa race in Lawrenceville on 12/23 that I'm thinking of adding to my roster.