Monday, March 21, 2016

2015 GA Publix Half Recap - It finally happened...

So yesterday was the GA Publix Half Marathon, the weather was perfect minus the crazy wind at times which made things seem colder.

Flat Ramona ready to run the hills of Atlanta

I was anxious to get started or maybe I was just ready to start moving to get warm. Either way, I was ready. Even though the course is a challenge, it is still one of my favorites courses out there. A lot of it may have to do with the scenery and the spectators that come out and cheer us all on.

Before the race I met up with some fellow INKnBURN people for a group photo before heading to our corrals. 

The race started on time. Since I was in B, it didn't seem to take long before we were at the start line waiting for our start.

And we're off...

The first half of the race seemed to go by quickly for me. I was feeling great. My legs were happy (which is a plus seeing how I don't run a lot of hills in training).

The second half of the race I knew was going to be a challenge. The hill coming out of Piedmont Park is always a struggle as well as the last hill over by GT.

The last 3 miles of the race turned into a mental game for me. I knew what to expect. I knew to stay on track for a PR; I needed to time my short walk breaks and push through the tough hills.

Soon we were at Georgia Tech. I hate the hills over there. The very last big hill we have is about as bad as the 10th Street hill, if not worse.

I pushed myself up that hill. And now for the home stretch. Longest mile ever. I knew I needed to hold on. I kept telling myself I was only out for a quick run.

Finally, I see the brown building. I knew I was almost there. I kept looking at my watch. I was close oh so very close. I heard the announcer saying you have 20 seconds to sub-2 to the people already sprinting in. 

I turn the corner. I look up and see the clock 2:00:42. I take off. Where that energy from, I have no idea but I just I knew that I had PR'd, but I also knew I had just done something I said I couldn't do on that course. I finally did a sub-2 half marathon!!!

Celebrating as I make my way to finish line!

Official time: 1:57:42

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