Monday, March 10, 2014

Half Marathon Training: Week 10

Sunday- Quick 5K run in the neighborhood. It felt amazing out.

Monday - Started week 2 of Recreating You. Today was a lot easier than last week. Thank goodness.

Tuesday - Quick 2 mile run before doing my other work out. My 2 mile run was awesome. I find its easier if I get a run in before I do some sort of cross training work out.

Recreating You work out was a lot easier for me today than last week. I still hated doing the 300 jumping jacks though.

Went to run group in the evening for a 3 mile run.

Wednesday - Started off with the 10 minute solution ultimate boot camp -six pack attack. Great 10 minute core work out. Afterwards I did the Recreating You work out. Great double day work out.

In the evening, I decided I would go for a 3 mile run since the weather for Thursday didn't look too pretty. Cold and rain equal not a good combo.

Thursday - I wanted to go for a 2 mile run, but it was crazy windy out so I decided I would just do my work out and call it a day.

Friday - Woke up not feeling well. So I decided I would do a little core work.

Saturday - Amazing 9 mile run at the park. So glad I got out there. :)

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