Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shin Splits..ouch!

I think its time for some new shoes. Or maybe I need the warmer weather to hurry up. Either way I need to get some new running shoes (223 miles on the shoes right now). Today while I was running at the gym on the treadmill I noticed that my shin splits were giving me more problems then they have in my previous runs. I had to stop and walk for a little before finishing up my last mile.

So hopefully this weekend or the next I will be going out and getting a new pair of running shoes. I just need to decide on which brand. I normally run in Nike's because of the Nike+ sensor I have. If I have to, I will go with another brand. I just want something comfortable yet not too heavy. I hate running in heavy shoes.

I am hoping by getting a new pair of running shoes this will help me out. Plus it will be getting warmer soon so that will probably help as well. I think the treadmill is messing up my running form. :-\

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