Monday, June 9, 2014

2014 Dirty Spokes: Georgia Peach Jam Half Marathon Recap

This half took place over on the Big Creek Greenway over in Cumming, GA on April 19th.

Back in February I was going back and forth with myself if I was going to do this half or not. It would be almost a month after doing the Georgia Publix Half so I knew I wouldn't have to worry about training too much. So during the last of the snow storm I decided I was going to bite the bullet and sign up.

The course is flat with a few little inclines but nothing too crazy. Very manageable.

Race week rolls around and I immediately start checking out the weather. We had been having some warmer days but since Georgia does have bi-polar weather I just wanted to be prepared for anything. Of course, the forecast was calling for rain. That wasn't the big issue. The issue was the greenway. Most of the time when it rains A LOT the greenways here in Georgia tend to flood since they are usually near creeks.

Friday rolled around and the race was still on even though the rain was coming down. I knew no matter what I was going to get soaked and have some mud on me.

So I laid out my outfit for the next day really hoping that it would stop raining so we could get this half marathon over with.

Woke up bright and early race day to make sure I got there in time to get my number, shirt, and to get ready mentally for the half.

It was still raining some but not crazy. Only thing we were going to have to worry about were the slippery boardwalks (which I didn't find to be very slippery) and the mud/puddles.

After getting my number and shirt, I found Brandi. She and I walked around for a bit until Jen got there then it was time for us to line up and get ready for the half.

We kind of all started around the same area. I am normally more up in the front of the pack, but seeing how this was going to be a slippery/muddy race I had planned on just taking it easy and having fun.

I started off a bit slow but that was the plan. I took it easy until most of the crowd thinned out.

The course wasn't bad at all as far as water goes except for one area that had a few puddles. I somehow managed not to get muddy on the first time through but on my way back I had no choice but to go through some of the mud. 

I was feeling pretty good about myself all the way through the race. I only started getting tired around mile 10 so that's when I decided I would go ahead and eat some jelly beans.

Before I knew it I was making my way up a small hill before turning onto the track to do my last little bit of the half.

When I saw the race clock I knew I was going to PR. I was really hoping I could have finished under an two hours, but I will take what I can.

Official time: 2:03. I took 4 minutes off my first half marathon time. :)

Once I got my medal I was able to see the damage of what I went through on the course. 

After we had all finished the half marathon we got a group photo before taking off to Dutch Monkey to get some yummy doughnuts.

Finisher's shirt. :) We decided the logo kind of looked like the Crush Orange Soda logo. What do you think?

Cute little 13.1 sticker they gave us. I added the "finisher" part.

Yummy doughnuts after running 13.1. :)

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  1. Congratulations on your PR! This sounds like a good race to do. Those donuts look delicious. Excellent post-race food!