Monday, May 13, 2013

Sickness sucks

Last week I was suppose to run 6 miles but my body had other plans. Wednesday at work I noticed my throat was starting to get sore. I didn't really think anything of it until I woke up Thursday morning to go do my 6 mile run. My throat was sore and I was very achy. Since I am a very stubborn person especially when it comes to running, I still drove over to the gym. I sat in the car for a minute trying to make up my mind if I was going to go through with it or if I was going to just go home. I almost went in but I decided it was probably best that I sit this one out. I hated doing that. I felt like I was giving up (even though I wasn't). 

My plan was to run on Sunday (Mother's Day) since I wasn't going to have time to on Saturday with work and all. But of course my body decided that I wasn't going to be able to run 3 miles due to a cough. 

I swear I would get sick when it's getting warm out. 

So here is it is Monday morning and I just got back from the gym. I feel MUCH better. I was able to get my 3 miles in without stopping. I am suppose to run tomorrow (2 miles) but I may switch up my running days this week. We will see how I feel tomorrow. 

I also decided that those 6 miles that I was suppose to do will just be apart of my cross training on the bike. Maybe I'll do 12 miles on the bike... at least I can tweet and search the web while doing that. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. :)

PS. Please excuse any typos. I am updating from my phone right now since I am unable to get to my computer. :)


  1. I hear ya, I've been feeling sick for the last week - nasty cough and all sorts of congested. I'm hoping to feel better soon, it's preventing me from working out, which is making me not want to work out as much either.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better and running 3 miles!

  2. Being sick and wanting to work out sucks! Glad you listened to your body and gave it a rest. :)

    I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog award today on my blog :) Check it out!