Friday, December 4, 2015

2015 Fast Pace 5K Recap

As of lately, I am not a big fan of 5K races. I feel like by the time I get going the race is over, but since I have been working a lot on my speed, I decided to give this 5K a go.

This particular race is to help raise awareness for Prostate Cancer. Since this hits close to home, I was excited to run it. They even had a screening there for the guys.

The race started right on time. We had a nice down hill start. I knew from other friends who have ran this race before to not take over too fast. I held back even though I wanted to fly. I am glad I did.

A few people said they didn't like the course and found it was harder than last years. Since this was my first time running this particular race, I had nothing to compare it to. I felt the course was great. Loved the rolling hills in the middle and the slight downhill finish at the Cumming Fairgrounds.

Even though I wasn't able to PR, I did come close. I'm finally seeing the speed I had two years ago. I guess all the stuff I have been doing is finally paying off, right? :) I did, however, place 3rd in my age group. A first for the new age group.

My official time was 24:08.

It was great to have so many people I know from the Suwanee Big Peach run group out there running it.

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