Monday, April 21, 2014

First Real Injury?

It seems I am experiencing my first real injury. On March 29th, I experienced some discomfort in my left foot. I didn't really think I did anything crazy to it. I was on my feet for 6 hrs that day at work, so I thought I just got knocked around some how by a dog or two. I decided I would take a few days off of running to see if maybe it would magically go away on its own. Unfortunately, even though I thought it was wasn't.

As each week went by I could tell it was getting better, but again not totally healed. I still kept on running because when running or walking I didn't feel it. I only felt something when I would flex my foot back.

I was even unsure if I was even going to be able to run my next half marathon. I hate dropping out of something. So I kept on getting out there to run. Pushing myself to see if I would even feel any discomfort. Nadda.

I did finish my half marathon. I even shaved 4 minutes off my first half marathon time (recap coming soon...hopefully). However, after the race when I was trying to stretch my foot out I could tell it was hurting, but again I was able to walk/run on it without feeling anything.

FINALLY this past Sunday I got Mike's Dad to take a look at it. He immediately knew what I had done and told me I needed to take 2 weeks off from running. I can still workout but I must make sure my shoes have some support in them for the time being.

So what did he find out? He found out I had a very common injury to runners and tennis players, and probably any one who pushes off their foot a weird way. I have "turf toe". Basically I have sprained the joint right below my big toe. Even though I thought I was okay...running was just making it worse.

Fun stuff, right? lol. I have to ice it two to three times a day for 20 minutes. I also have to make sure I am still taking my glucosamine and also my Wobenzym (enzymes).

Not sure how I am going to manage 2 weeks of no running, but I guess I will have to make due with the stationary bike at the gym for the being.

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